Moving to earn is the current trend, for us, moving can make money and more than that, transform your energy into lucky lottery tickets that can change your life.

By walking, jogging, or running outdoors, users will earn in-game currency HSG (Happy Rise Game Token). HSG can withdraw cash for profit, exchange lottery tickets for lottery prizes in Happy Rise, or exchange to HARI to participate in other games in the Happy Rise ecosystem. In addition to HSG, each pair of NFT shoes you own will convert your expended energy into lottery tickets of different lottery prizes in Happy Rise.

Users can combine activities to improve health, earn money, have fun and receive lucky lottery tickets, which makes even the laziest people excited.

Using different types of shoes for outdoor activities will give you a certain amount of rewards. You can mint, upgrade, buy, sell, and trade on Marketplace. Most especially, you can also rent shoes in the Lending part of the project or rent them directly from someone.

NFT shoe owners can claim actual, real-life shoes when certain conditions are met. Our expert will bring blockchain to life by creating a shoe brand associated with the NFT of those shoes. You not only own NFT shoes but also own real shoes, with top quality, environmentally friendly, and protecting human health, created by the world's leading designers.

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