Today, the Lottery is the world's most popular social and leisure game. Lotteries account for more than 30% of the global gaming market. This market now has a $284 billion yearly turnover. The number of users who prefer to play this game online is expanding in parallel with the prevalence of the Internet and the growing number of devices linked to a network. As a result, the online lottery business is now a promising one.

We now have the opportunity to solve these crucial challenges owing to smart contracts. Happy Rise is a Blockchain lottery platform developed on the BNB Chain Network that is completely transparent. Advanced smart contracts offer many opportunities for breakthrough fintech innovation in the gaming industry. Happy Rise is a decentralized lottery with the major benefit of total transparency of all activities on the platform and a complete lack of fraud potential. Unlike "fair play checks," which allow players to verify game results in existing cryptocurrency lotteries, happy Rise removes the possibility of fraud entirely. Ethereum and the notion of smart contracts make this feasible.

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