Features of NFT Happy Rise Coin

  • Each Happy Rise coin will have a sequence of 4 numbers to participate in the NFT Happy Rise Coin lottery draw daily.
  • The chance of winning is very high, just match 1 number from the left to get a prize.
  • You must own a $1,000 Happy Rise Token to be eligible to buy.
  • The collection includes 3 versions.
1. 8000 Silver Coin costing 2000$ per NFTs
2. 980 Gold coin priced at 3000$ per NFTs
3. 20 Special coins costing 5000$ per NFTs
  • Owners of NFT Happy Rise Gold coin and NFT Happy Rise Special coin have the right to request that a real coin be sent to their address.
  • If you own the NFT Happy Rise Special coin and win, your prize will be doubled.
  • NFT Happy Rise Gold Coin and NFT Happy Rise Special Coin will be borrowed 10% more in the Lending platform than other NFTs.
  • If you Lend your NFT and still get 50% of the prize if NFT wins.
  • Big Prizes can be from $10,000 to $100,000 daily or more.
  • You can buy up to 15 NFTs with one wallet.
  • When you buy, sell, and trade NFT Happy Rise coins, 10% royalties will be paid to Happy Rise Token Holders.