Improve fairness with smart contracts

A decentralized RNG protocol that runs on a blockchain node platform ensures unexpected randomness and requires public randomness that any organization cannot manipulate or control. Smart contracts are the foundation of the entire process's trustworthiness. Participants must trust and believe in the operators' good faith in a traditional lottery. However, this isn't always the case. The Lottery has often been manipulated, resulting in participants losing their money.

With smart contracts automatically activating actions depending on an occurrence, the chances of such happening are little to none. For example, when a ticket number is drawn, the ticket owner is immediately given a set amount of money. This signifies that the lottery operator no longer has the authority to authorize the payment.

Collect winnings instantly

Since no centralized authority is there to govern the game, there will be no concerns related to winnings. The playerโ€™s funds can directly go into the contract without the interference of intermediaries. The payout of winnings will be done almost instantly by the smart contract without any intervention.

Privacy and Accessibility

Using cryptocurrency for the Lottery is a useful and popular alternative for casinos. It allows users to wager anonymously without submitting copies of their papers. Cryptocurrencies have the potential to increase the accessibility of online gambling by lowering the entry barrier for new players and allowing them to avoid the gambling rules that apply to fiat currency.


Because all data are recorded on the Blockchain, participants may see the preserved transactions as transparent and verifiable. Because of the traceability, they will be able to get to the bottom of any future disagreements.

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