Our goal is to reinvent the lottery industry and bring it into the age of decentralization. We will establish a worldwide platform built on the Blockchain that interacts with the real demands of lottery players and lottery suppliers by altering the way lotteries are operated and how participants engage.

The happy Rise will be the world's premier blockchain-based decentralized lottery platform, allowing businesses, charities, and people to engage with players using the most trusted and recognized technology. We wish to incorporate a social component into the lottery sector. Lotteries are now played alone, but we aim to alter that by letting individuals participate together.

Happy Rise's cutting-edge lottery technology implements Chainlink's VRF to bring true randomness and safety to the lottery process. The use of Chain-link VRF is its verifiable randomness. Even if a node is compromised, it cannot manipulate or provide misleading answers. So this is the most transparent way to find the winner that everyone can verify.

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