🗺️Social Media Presence

Happy Rise Lottery will ensure its social media presence on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, on which it will introduce the business idea and its product to its ideal customers.

Through social media, Happy Rise Lottery can directly communicate with its potential users and invite feedback and user testimonials to gain many users. Happy Rise will reach the maximum number of potential crypto and lottery enthusiasts all around the globe.


Over 60 influencers in 15 different countries with 21 million followers. Influencers are handpicked for high engagement and maximum reach in the target demographic.

Crypto News and Financial Sites

Partner with more than 50 finance cryptocurrency websites, increasing coverage, and popularity.

Cryptocurrency Community

We partner with leading crypto communities in 15 different countries to introduce and promote the project.


Implement an Airdrop campaign worth up to $125,000 targeting targeted customers to expand the user base, refer and increase the project's reach.

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