Where and how do I buy tickets for the Happy Rise draws and other games?

You can only purchase the tickets through the Happy Rise app or on our website.

How many draws will there be?

Lottery prizes will be drawn every hour, every day there will be 24 prize draws.

How are winners chosen? How is it fair?

We use a random number generator to select a winning ticket number. All raffle prizes are drawn using Chainlink's VRF technology to bring true randomness and security to the lottery process. VRF Chainlink usage is verifiable randomness. Even if a node is compromised, it cannot manipulate or provide misleading answers. So this is the most transparent way to find out winners that everyone can verify. Everything works automatically on the public blockchain, anyone can see and check to verify it's fair and secure.

How to know I win prizes?

You will match the numbers from left to right to detect the prize, the more numbers you match, the higher you will win. For Lottery Happy Rise and Happy Rise No Loss you will win the top prize when you match 6 numbers, with NFT Happy Rise Coin Lottery you will win the highest prize when you match 4 numbers.

Where does the funding for the prizes come from?

Ticket sales and a transaction fee are charged on certain types of transactions that fund the prizes. In addition, there is an initial prize fund extracted from the project ICO that will be invested and continuously replenished for the prize. This fund will ensure the stability of the prizes and increase the prize pool over time.

How is the prize pool divided?

Winners 75%; Charity 5%; Token holders 10%; Ecosystem & Marketing 10%.

How do I get the prize and how long do I have to claim my prizes?

Prizes will be awarded to winners automatically by a smart contract, winners can claim the prize by themselves in the Happy Rise app. Prizes must be claimed within 90 days of them being awarded. If within 90 days, the winner does not claim the prize, the prize will be automatically transferred to the charity pool. Prizes with no winners will be added to the next draw.

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