🥅Happy Rise No Loss

You will never lose money if you play this lotto, not even a dime. Players can participate in the game by purchasing savings tickets, which have a chance of winning a reward. The winners will receive their prizes and tickets after each week. This game is unusual because participants who do not win receive a refund of their tickets. Everyone who takes part gets their money back!

Each participant can purchase as many tickets as he desires and cash out at any moment. Your money will be invested in a Lucrative and secure fund. As a result, earnings will always rise, and your money will never be lost.

Winners are chosen at random using Chainlink's VRF technology after the week. The winning addresses will get the Pool's interest, and their tickets will be refunded. Tickets from non-winning addresses will be returned, and the game will begin again. Smart contracts automate everything, so gamers won't have to repurchase tickets. They will be included in the weekly lottery drawings as long as they do not withdraw. And now you know why: none of the participants can lose any of their funds.

Prize Fund

To fund the prizes, Happy Rise uses the profit earned from the initial prize fund of 2 million USD (From the project's ICO value) and 75% of the value of the tickets purchased by players.

Tickets to participate

  • The ticket price is open for sale is 5 USD/ticket

  • Each player can buy as many tickets as they want.

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