What is Happy Rise?

Happy Rise is a platform where smart contracts are used to implement and manage all processes. A smart contract handles ticket purchases, random number generation, prize payouts, and accruals in the distributed partner network, all without the need for third-party interference. Changes to the platform are decided by a vote of the holders of control tokens.

Happy Rise Lottery is a decentralized-finance daily lottery game platform that implements different types of lottery games within a decentralized network; It also has huge prizes! up to millions of dollars and ensures very high chances of winning with a smart prize structure that ensures fairness due to the trusted and consensus nature of our decentralized finance platform.

The decentralized platform ensures that 75% of ticket sales go to the Prize Pool, and winners are paid immediately after the draw to their wallets.

The Happy Rise project provides a fair, trusted, and safe playing environment to its end users by providing the end-user with a decentralized immutable network system as a foundation on which to play lottery games on.

Some of the benefits of using our decentralized finance lottery game platform are:

  1. The DEFI element, will immensely benefit end users who hold crypto and want to profit while they hold it for short or long-term investment on our platform.

  2. Its immutability to change a given event in the network system; which means any given number in the system can not be edited nor deleted regardless of an attempted hacking event.

  3. It is fair and transparent because of the consensus nature of how blockchain technology operates within the decentralized network system.

  4. It is fully safe and secure; If a block on the blockchain is edited in any way by an iniquitous entity, the other blocks on the blockchain will automatically cancel it out as being not authorized to be part of the blockchain system.

We believe that The Happy Rise Lottery game platform will give rise to a new generation of lottery game players worldwide due to the safe and fair, maximum profit/investment potential of our DEFI lottery game platform.

We set to bring forth a new era on how lottery games in combination with a unique DEFI system are played online, by providing true value to all lottery players worldwide; with a trusted, safe, fair, and fully transparent playing environment that utilizes blockchain technology and a decentralized finance system at its best.

Our platform is the "first of its kind" never seen before; because it uses blockchain technology alongside DEFI implementations which enhances the user's gaming experience by helping to maximize end-user assets and maximum profit potential when users hold for-profit and investment.

Our platform utilizes blockchain technology as its main foundation, alongside a decentralized financial system that has been put in place for a truly secure and transparent profitable playing environment for all of our end-users to enjoy.

We believe that the DEFI component of our system is what will set us apart from any other lottery playing platform, and it is this unique difference that will set us apart from other decentralized lottery game projects.

We believe that the DEFI element of our project will help the platform stabilize, grow and develop completely differently from other blockchain lottery projects, thus making the Happy Rise platform unique and far superior to any other lottery gaming system currently available.

Happy Rise also gives all its end users a chance to win huge HARI prizes on a decentralized trusted immutable platform!

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