What platforms does the Happy Rise project run on?

The projectโ€™s application will run on 3 platforms:

  1. Website

  2. Android

  3. IOS

Is Project Token (HARI) subject to selling pressure?

In the project, pressure to sell HARI is not an issue for us, there are many things that users must have HARI to participate in and all are ways the application benefits. DEFI elements bring out the uniqueness of the project, a sustainable combination. Users will continuously trade and hold HARI to benefit, holding HARI brings direct benefits when it is divided by 10% from the prize pool.

How much is the transaction fee (tax) and who pays it?

The transaction fee sometimes referred to as a tax, is 10% of the transaction amount on the DEX and 9% of the transaction amount on the CEX. It is levied on all sales on centralized and decentralized exchanges.

Where do the funds raised from the transaction fee (tax) go?

DEX Tax: Lottery pool 5%: Liquidity Pool 2%; Gaming Royalty Fund 1% and 2% Token Burn.

CEX Tax: Lottery pool 5%: NFT Fund 1%; Gaming Royalty Fund 1% and 2% Token Burn.

What is the Gaming Royalty Fund Pool for?

This fund is used as a prize for other games in the Happy Rise ecosystem. The fund is made up of HARI tokens stored at a public address.

What is the Happy Rise Liquidity Pool for?

In order for well-functioning markets to operate there needs to be sufficient funds so that buyers and sellers can always transact in the amounts and at the times they wish. To ensure that, we create a liquidity fund for the Happy Rise ecosystem.

What is the NFT Fund for?

The NFT Fund will fund NFT incubation activities and related game development. We will soon launch NFT Happy Rise Coin and other NFTs. By owning these NFTs, users have the right to participate in pre-selected games forever.

I own crypto, NFT but not HARI, how can I participate in the lottery and other games in the Happy Rise ecosystem?

You want to participate in the lottery or other games in the Happy Rise ecosystem but do not own HARI tokens but own cryptos, NFTs, or other valuable digital assets. You want to optimize your profits but don't want to sell the assets you own, you are a crypto holder, NFT holderโ€ฆYou can still optimize your profits and keep your original assets with us, by participating in borrowing. You can use crypto, NFT, or valuable digital assets as collateral and borrow HARI tokens easily.

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